Have you eaten a meal at Wells Brothers lately, or stopped in for a drink? Maybe you participated in a Beer Pong tournament or played some Corn Hole on your way home from work. We’d love to hear about your experience. There are lots of places online to give and get restaurant reviews, but here we want to know what you love!

73 Comments about Wells Brothers

  1. Sandra Says:

    Great food, best burger I have had in a long time. The Panhandle was great. And my 14 year old son said the kids burger was made especially for him and was “amazing.” Pasta salad and fries were awesome too!


  2. Craig Says:

    This place is the bomb! I was passing through looking for a dog friendly place to stop and wow!! Such a beautiful place with friendly people. The food looks awesome, too. Just beer and sunshine for now.


  3. Old Man Adam Says:

    I’ve been eating at Monks (aka Wells) for over ten years. Wings, Salads, Burgers and Sandwiches are all great. The only complaint I have is that they never recognize me; perhaps it’s because the food is not only delicious, but that it also makes you appear younger and better looking.


  4. William P. Cannon Says:

    Celebrated a friend, Erin, there on a Friday evening. It was my first time there and I was pleasantly surprised. The atmosphere reminds me of other places that are compact and adorable. I had a wonderful meal and celebration with friends.

    A good meal is a celebration of life and the Wells Brothers and their staff and the quality of their food and service made it a very pleasant experience. I can’t imagine ever going anywhere else for a burger in Tallahassee.


  5. emliss Says:

    After a trip to the emergency room and minor surgery while on vacation last year, we decided to try Wells Brothers to satisfy our grumbling tummies. These folks know how to make a burger! Great quality, fresh meat, cooked to order. Very pleasant and helpful wait staff and clean, casual atmosphere. Outside dining a nice addition especially since it’s pet friendly. We live in NJ between Philadelphia and NYC where there are many, many good burgers but we don’t plan a vacation with a specific burger joint in mind. We’re making the hour long trip from our vacation location (1100 miles from home) to go back to Wells Brothers this fall. Can’t wait.


  6. Po-Boi 850 Says:

    “THE” best burger selection I have ever seen. If they don’t have your favorite, you can build your own. I am a burger fanatic and am on an endless search for the best. I always end up here at Wells Bros. Been comin’ here since it was called “Monk’s”


  7. McClary's Says:

    Love the tallahasse club, nachos with the pork and awesome onion rings. Me and my husbad was in town for a concert and decided to stop here on our way out and it was well worth it.


  8. Wynelle Says:

    It’s my birthday and Wells Brothers was my choice – Love that Gator Hater!


  9. bob Says:

    Wells Brother is an amazing place to eat, but i wish they could re-locate to a bigger area. their parking lot and restaurant is too small for the amazing food they have. maybe they can rent to areas in that winn dixie parking lot so it will still be close to godby high school too.


  10. chopper chiemengo Says:

    chef chopper from panama city beach!

    I came here to visit my nephew who is going to FSU!
    He said we need to come eat at this place ,said I would love
    it! The food was great! We had great service too ! I will come
    here every time I am in town!
    THANK YOU!!!


  11. Wayne Says:

    Stopped by with a friend after touring FSU Athletics and had the Italian Stallion. Best Pizza Burger I’ve had since leaving PA in 1977. Grew up loving pizza burgers and cheeseburger subs from Joe’s Pizza in York PA (still there btw) and this was perfection. Will definitely eat here again next time I’m in Tallahasse.


  12. Darren Klotz Says:

    Kirsten was great! Food was great. Next time I visit Tallahassee, I’m coming bye. Thanks for a great visit!


  13. Madison and Ashley Says:

    We love Monks.


  14. Cricket Says:

    I ate at Monk’s for the first time today. It lived up to its reputation for having the best burgers in town. The food was fantastic and the portions were generous. Even my picker eater was satisfied. Thanks for a great meal in a fun environment.


  15. Jamie Says:

    I love monks. Food is great. You need to have the sweet potato fries. Also, does anybody know if they do cornhole tournaments there. It would be nice if they would have a paid tournament where you win free beer or food or something.


  16. Mandi Says:

    Best food in town! GO NOLES!


  17. Jason Cauley Says:

    My wife and visited friends who are locals and they said we had to try Monks Bar and Grill. Wow, I have told everyone in Hawaii about this place. I ordered the Stilton just because of how bizarre the ingredient mixture was. This was the best burger that I have ever tasted, and I don’t even like blue cheese. The blue cheese crumbles, sliced green apples, and the port wine mayo mix was simply amazing. When my wife and I move back to the mainland, we are talking about moving to Tallahassee, and this will be the first place I eat. Oh yeah, the beer selection is pretty good too. They had a couple of different IPA’s to choose from which always makes me happy. Thanks guys, keep up the good work. plz tell me how to make the port wine mayo, I’ve looked for recipes, but haven’t found anything



  18. laura Says:

    i cannot wait to come back to tally to watch the fsu and nc state game this saturday. and guess where we’re going after the game? hell yes, that’ll be here at monk’s! my fiance is from nc, so am gonna drag him here for some stupendous awesome epic burger! (or sammiches if he picks em!)



  19. Tonya Says:

    I had the Chicken Philly. It was absolutely delish. The best I’ve ever tasted.


  20. kiara Says:

    WORTH THE WAIT….no words describe how delicious their burgers are….cool atmosphere…friendly bartender n servers…probably my FAVORITE place to eat in tally and im extremely picky!!

    i recommend to everyone i know


  21. Monica Says:

    After working at Monk’s for a little under a year during my undergrad at FSU, I was able to build intimate relationships not only with the wonderful people who make the restaurant function as effectively as it does, but also with the intricate flavors that make up the dishes on the menu. After returning to Tallahassee after a two year absence, Monk’s was literally the first place I visited. Since leaving Tallahassee I became a vegetarian and knew that Monk’s was the place to go for a delicious veggie burger and great beer. As expected, Monk’s did not disappoint; the service was excellent, the beer selection was excellent, and the Ad Burger was tasty and extremely filling. If you’re looking for great food at affordable prices, and a welcoming and fun atmosphere Monk’s is the place to go.


  22. Brit Brit Says:

    I ate at Monks for the first time last night, and let me just say I AM IN LOVE! I ordered the chipotle bbq wings and The Seminole. Let me say right now that I am tempted to eat at Monks everyday, and the wings were hands down the best I’ve had in Tallahassee. The service was also great!


  23. Ellis Says:

    We love Monks! The burgers are the best, you have to try the Ad burger and the California. Also they have the best beers, like Rogue dead guy and sweet water 420!


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